Update on Dasher & Courier Safety

We are deeply disturbed by the treatment of a Caviar Courier who was arrested last night while performing essential work in New York City, and we are relieved that he was released. We are in contact with the Courier and have offered our support. The health and safety of our community is a priority and we will continue to offer legal, financial, medical, and mental health support to Dashers and Couriers if they are wrongly arrested for violating the curfew in connection with their work on our app.

We remain committed to protecting Dashers and Couriers who continue to serve on the frontlines and are authorized to access critical earnings opportunities on our platform while providing food to those in need. We have been in active conversations with officials in New York City and beyond to help ensure Dashers and Couriers can continue to perform deliveries and travel to and from work under the current local laws without fear of being harassed, detained, or arrested.

We will continue to actively monitor the situation at a city level and provide real-time information to Dashers and Couriers to alert them where we are suspending operations in response to local curfews or to protect their safety.



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