Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month With Our Favorite Latino-Owned Restaurants, Right From Home.

5 min readOct 8, 2021

During Hispanic Heritage Month and throughout the year, we’re proud to celebrate and support diverse Latino merchants, Dashers, and communities. Check out a few Latino-owned hotspots (and Caviar picks) throughout Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City:


Caviar Recs: Cuban Sandwich from La Carreta, Miami, FL

The original La Carreta, a Cuban family-owned restaurant founded in 1976, lies in Miami’s infamous town of Little Havana on Calle Ocho (8th street), a Cuban hotspot for all the locals. La Carreta continues to be a staple for Cuban family dining traditions, like “abuela [grandma] style” food and the famously authentic Cuban espresso (a must try if you haven’t already). With nine locations, thousands of Miamians are served with authentic Cuban food, like their signature Cuban Sandwich (seen here) made with ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard on toasted Cuban bread.

Caviar Recs: La Sifrina Arepa & Chicken Pabellón Arepa from La Latina, Miami, FL

Let’s talk about some traditional Venezuelan arepas! The type of comfort food we know you need from La Latina. From the savory combination of gouda cheese and reina pepiada (a traditional Venezuelan creamy chicken & avocado salad) [the Sifrina Arepa] to the authentic (and genius) mix of shredded pollo con maduros, black beans, and white shredded cheese [known as the Chicken Pabellón Arepa]. Sounds like La Latina will have you begging for more … arepas, of course.

Caviar Recs: Rice Bowl from Dos Croquetas, Miami, FL

We know for you Miamians it’s hard to just have one croqueta … which is why at Dos Croquetas they’ll always serve you two. Miami’s first Croqueta Bar takes you back to La Habana through handcrafted, quality rice bowls tossed with their signature (dos) croquetas, plátanos maduros and arroz con frijoles. Or commonly known as: croquetes and plantains mixed with rice and beans. A Cuban classic, and a must-try item.

Caviar Recs: Empanadas from 925 Nuevo’s Cubano’s, Miami, FL

925 Nuevo’s Cubano’s (translated to New Cubans) is a Cuban family-owned restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, owned by Luis Valdes Sr. Back in the day, the restaurant was actually the front portion of the family home where Mr. Valdes Sr.’s kids grew up. Now, they crank out authentic Cuban delights from the open kitchen surrounded by a bar spanning out front. It’s Fort Lauderdale’s go-to Cuban hotspot where you can order some fresh empanadas, crisped to perfection.

Los Angeles

Caviar Recs: Ham Torta from Antojitos Martin, Los Angeles, California

Antojitos Martin, a Mexican family-owned restaurant in Los Angeles, CA, brings a healthy combination of Mexican delights to the city. The fresh ingredients (combined with classic jalapeño spices) will give you a taste of Mexico, right from home. Antojitos literally means “little cravings,” and we’re definitely having a little craving for this ham torta at the moment!

Caviar Recs: Ceviche Clasico from Aymara Peruvian Kitchen, East Los Angeles, California

Ever tried an authentic Peruvian dish? Well, there’s this local hot spot in the heart of East LA, that can help you do just that, called Aymara Peruvian Kitchen. You’ll want to try the Peruvian ceviche, a clasico, as they call it, and a delicious one at that.

Caviar Recs: Baja Fish Tacos from Baja Cali Fish & Tacos, Los Angeles, California

Baja Cali Fish & Tacos brings all the sweet spices (and Mexican vibes) to Los Angeles. Care to have a bite? We’ve got all the tacos, and burritos, annddd the bowls available on Caviar.

Caviar Recs: Sweet Potato Taco from Guerrilla Tacos, Los Angeles, California

A (very sweet) Taco Tuesday dreeeeam, mixed with fried corn, feta cheese, almond chile and roasted sweet potato. Oh and, don’t forget the salsa … a Mexican fiesta you can’t miss out on. Just search Guerrilla Tacos in LA. You can thank us later.


Caviar Recs: Vegetarian Arepa from ArePA George, Chicago, IL

Founded in 2017, ArePA George is a Colombian family-owned restaurant located in the heart of Humboldt Park in Chicago, IL. It serves authentic Colombian food from various regions, and there are plenty of gluten-free options. We’re big fans of the vegetarian arepa!

Caviar Recs: Empanadas with many flavors from 5411 Empanadas, Chicago, IL

5411 Empanadas (named after the international dialing code of Buenos Aires, Argentina) opened in 2012, when the three founders decided they wanted to bring a piece of their Argentine roots to Chicago. Their goal was to surround the people of their city with the great food of their country. You can have a taste of Argentina (right from home) with their shredded beef empanada drizzled in a Malbec wine, or a creamy spinach and mozzarella empanada infused with savory bechamel sauce.

New York City

Caviar Recs: Shrimp Tacos from ATLA, New York, New York

ATLA celebrates delicious Mexican flavors with modern yet casual food and drinks in the heart of New York City. The shrimp tacos (seen here) are combined with (mind-blowing) textures and flavors cooked in chili oil, slathered with fried beans and hoja santa, creamy avocado, and crunchy cheese that will make your brain (and taste buds) explode.

Caviar Recs: Camarones Mosquito from Fonda, New York, New York

Chef and cookbook author Roberto Santibanez has created a rare New York restaurant that speaks to what Mexican cuisines truly stand for. Serving exciting contemporary dishes, Santibanez blends care and authenticity with the creative urban flourishes that distinguish the food of his native Mexico City. Expect hand-pressed tortillas, guacamole made to order, and margaritas, thoughtfully crafted. Not to mention, Santibanez’s vision on chiles en nogada respects all the traditions and incorporates contemporary tweaks. No wonder New Yorkers keep coming back time and time again.

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